Hershey Heart of the Month

Each one of our children is special to us and their family. Take a moment and meet our children and get to know them. This month’s Heart of The Month Is Lucian.

Hi my name is Amanda Sliva. I am the proud mother of two wonderful boys. I have a two year old and a 4 month old.

Prenatally my four month old was diagnosed with an av canal defect and down syndrome. At the time I was scared what life would have in store for us, but new I needed to educate my self before Lucian arrived. I met with Dr. Clark while I was still pregant and he assured me he would need surgery, but it’s a very common surgery with a high success rate. Leaving the hospital I felt some relief but still a little unsettled knowing my baby would have to have open heart surgery.

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“Our aim is to strengthen families during their long journey from despair to hope.”

Survival Kit

Hershey Hearts has a program that provides Survival Kits to families when their child is receiving treatment at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.



Hershey Hearts is a support group for parents, siblings and other family members of children who have been touched by congenital heart disease.



Hershey Hearts has a program to provide support on a weekly basis to families who have a child receiving in-patient care through one-on-one visitation or telephone contact.


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